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Get Your Shoes Looking Their Best!

Let Greenwash Dry Cleaners help you look you're very best from head to toe. We offer the same quality care to your footwear as we do for your clothing & with the convenience of having it all done in the same place.


From shoeshine & polishes to heel dressings, & even UGG cleaning & restoration, Greenwash Dry Cleaners can keep your shoes & boots looking brand new. A little maintenance & care will not only make your shoes look nicer, but will make them last longer as well.​

  • Replacing the Heel

  • Replacing the Sole

  • Shining & Buffing

  • Smoothing out Scuffs

  • Reconditioning Leather

  • Buckles

  • Straps

  • Belts

  • And more

Have questions? Contact the Greenwash Dry Cleaners today!

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