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Have questions? Contact the Greenwash Dry Cleaners today!

  • Can I call your shop to request for pickup or delivery?
    Absolutely. You can call us at 323-461-6050 and speak to our customer care staff. You can also request for a schedule by filling out our online form.
  • How long does it take for my cleaning to be ready?
    The standard turnaround for your order is 3 business days. However, we highly recommend that you get the specific schedule from our customer care staff when you come to our shop to drop off your clothes.
  • Do you recycle wire hangers?
    Yes! You can bring your hangers into our Greenwash Dry Cleaners location and we will recycle them for you!
  • Do I have to be home for a pick-up or delivery?
    Only if you want to be. Actually, you have a couple of choices for each order: 1. Leave Outside – You leave your items for us next to your front door or any other spot that you choose to designate and we deliver them, back to you in the same spot, without ever disturbing your privacy. 2. Knock on Door – We get everything from you in person and deliver them back to you in person too. To prevent delays in getting your items back, if you are not home at the time of the delivery, we will go ahead and hang them on your door knob instead. Our goal is to make life simple for you.
  • How far does the delivery route go?
    We go as far as 4 miles within the store radius.
  • Is there a minimum to use the delivery service?
    There is no minimum order required for us to pick up and process your order. Wash & Fold orders (bulk laundry, no ironing) must be at least 10 lbs, because we wash each individual Wash & Fold order in its own machine.
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